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Things you’ll need to know about building a home

 May 04, 2020


After a long day of work, you want to go back to a space you call your own. Many of us dream of having our own home. It can be a tiny house or sprawling floor plan, all that matters is it’s your home. It’s your comfort zone. Your home says a lot about you. It’s the mirror of your personality. The home you decide on will be a proud achievement. It will become your space of inspiration and one of the largest investments in your life.

A well-designed home is essential. It will always have a special place in your heart, but it also should be functional, work with your budget and be cost/energy efficient.  Every room, every wall and every shelf is a space to share your story with friends and family. We simplify the building and buyer process, offer energy efficient homes and a variety of floor plans, options and resources unlike any other builder.  We hope you find value in a few tips provided below.

Planning with Numbers

Building a home can be a shock to your budget if not planned well.  The term ‘house poor’ is an  example of poor financial planning and awareness. The first thing to plan before buying or building a home is your budget and lender approval.

Lenders are a crucial part in the home buying process (unless you are paying cash). They can assist you in assessing what your debt to income ratio is, your monthly mortgage payments, closing costs and taxes.  It’s their field of expertise and Legacy Homes works with some of the best.

Another factor to consider is monthly utilities and maintenance. Building an energy efficient home will help lower your monthly utilities. From HVAC, water heaters and windows to 2 x 6 framing and additional insulation.  Every energy efficient feature works together to create higher level of comfort for you with a lower monthly bill for years to come.

Expenses may not always stay inside the proposed budget.  It’s important to plan for unexpected repairs by having a set amount put aside, just in case. The best way to stick to a budget is to be informed and thorough in preparing your budget. Don’t hesitate to discuss your budget with trusted professionals like lenders, your insurance company, utility companies, tax assessor or trusted website resources.  It will be your home, design it in a way that works best for your lifestyle.

Decide the Suitability of Your Home Site

There are a few essential things to keep in mind before committing to your new home site. Make sure to obtain a property convenient to what you love and do. If you have kids, being near to their school too. Having a virtuous neighborhood is very important. Before purchasing the property, do proper research on the surrounding places and make sure to check the past crime rate in the area. It’s even better if the land you buy has a hospital and all the emergency stores nearby. This does not mean you have to buy the property in the heart of the city. If you are looking for a place to escape from pollution and crowds, you can purchase land in the outskirts of the town. While buying a property in the outskirts of the city, make sure there are right roads to link the place.

Hire the Right Builders and Construction Workers

Your house depends on who builds it. You may have the money, but if the people you hired are wrong, then your home might never look like you imagined. It’s essential to hire the right builders. While hiring a builder, make sure to do your research thoroughly. The right builder will help you build the house within the budget and on time. If the construction gets delayed, it will start becoming more expensive than expected. Construction workers play the most crucial role. Construction workers decide the way your house turns out. Spending a little more on the builders and construction workers will not be a loss. It will be a benefit for you. A quality builder can even help in cutting down unnecessary costs.

Ensure All Details Beforehand

Don’t decide to go with the flow. Planning everything. Even the smallest details will turn out better if planned beforehand. Planning well before will prove to be cost-effective. It will save you a lot of time in the future. You can make use of every little space in the house if it’s planned out beforehand. You can start looking for the perfect piece of furniture before you move in. You will end up getting the ideal furniture that you’ve always envisioned in your home. You will have the perfect amount of time to organize things as you want it to be. If you are planning to move some furniture from your old place, make sure to choose a trusted moving team. Hiring a good mover that takes care of your furniture is extremely important. Plan out the cost of moving. Make sure to keep or buy only the necessary items that will encompass your new home. It’s of no use to buy things to only keep them in storage. Buying things beforehand will let you colour or theme coordinate the whole home.

Resale in Mind

While planning to build a house, keep in mind that you might want to resale the house in the future. You might want a bigger home in the future, or you might have to relocate due to unforeseeable reasons. During such times you will have to resale the house. Build a house that will be easy to resell. Make sure the structure of the house is elegant so that new owners can see themselves living there as well. The interiors, however, can be planned according to your needs. Most people who will be looking for a house will look for places near a school or in the heart of the city where all the facilities are readily available. If you have a home that has a convenient location, then it can be easily resold. Make sure to build a house that is kid friendly too.

Thinking Green with Energy Efficiency in Mind

You do not want to increase the contributions of carbon emissions by burning out the electricity. Design your house in a way that there is a lot of ventilation, lowering the need to turn on the lights and fans frequently saving your penny in the pocket. Use energy-efficient light bulbs such as Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Light Emitting Diodes. These bulbs consume eighty percent less electricity than a traditional light bulb. A small tip such as arranging your switchboard in a convenient place will push you to turn the switches off when not in use. Mostly setting them beside the sofa or bed is preferable so you wont need to stand up and walk over to them.

You can also install a sensor and timer on the light situated outside to keep a check on the energy consumption giving you an idea on how to consume and save the energy. The best thing to do to save electricity and cost burden is to install a solar panel on the terrace if your budget permits. You can enjoy the fruits of saving energy by exporting the electricity generated to the grid. So, install a solar panel in such a manner that it is connecting it to the grid.

Iterate and Experiment with Mistakes and Designs as Often as You Can

Your house is something that carries you and the people in your life for a very long journey. Making every detail count will generate your perfect dream home. Nothing comes complete unless you keep on trying by making mistakes and learning from them. Knowing precisely what you want takes effort and time. You will understand what makes your house beautiful after repeating several designs and rejecting them for minor flaws. Take ample time in trying out every plan you feel suitable until you have found the right match. Do take the opinions of your friends and relatives since they too know what you like and what gives you comfort. Approach as many home designers as possible to reach a wide variety of options available. Allocate sufficient budget for unexpected expenses like these.

Communicate Everything Without Assuming Someone Understood Something You Want

Remember the fact that it is your dream home and not the builders, or designers or architects. They are the people who can only provide you with the resources and workforce. Ultimately, it is you who has to communicate and guide them for building your dream home.

Firstly, you have to note down the minor details that you are particular about so that you don’t forget them and regret later. The builder needs the complete information regarding the specifications and brands of the product to be used, the unique places that have to be built precisely, the time frame within which it has to complete, the sites to be left for installing other stuff at a later date. There is no harm in reminding them multiple times which prevents the risk of facing unexpected results.

The job of an architect and an interior designer becomes easy when they know exactly what you had asked for. Keep discussing and meet them quite often to show properly what you want. This will give better results. Talk to your electrician about the quality of the wiring to be installed and the different shades of lights you prefer at different places. Explaining to him the reasons why you would use such lights will make him remember his work efficiently. Mark the places where you want the switchboards to be installed. You need to spend a sufficient amount of time with your carpenter, and painter explaining exactly what you want from them. Show them pictures or brief drawings to get a fair idea. Basically, the more you participate verbally, the better the results.


Wouldn’t you love to breathe some fresh air while drinking a hot cup of tea or reading a book? It is not much of a headache if you choose a lot that already has trees and blossoms in it. Prefer a property that has enough space to place your flower pots. Build your house in such a way that your veranda or balcony faces the trees. It would be better if you are aware of the type of trees or plants you are preferable with since some people are accustomed to allergies and you would not want that to happen with you. Don’t prefer trees or plants that are homes to many birds or insects. It might seem pretty fine in the initial days, but later on, you will be busy shooing away the birds since they will sometimes be chirping all night letting you no sleep. A big NO to trees that are hosts to bats. Trees that are too big shall also be avoided since they might attract monkeys or cats may climb up, creating menace all over the place. Gardening shouldn’t be a tedious task every day.

Everyone has a different idea of how their house should be. While building a house, make sure to build it in a way you always wanted it to be. Put all your time and energy to make that house your home. Make sure to focus on the tiniest detail. Let every wall tell a story. Don’t compromise on your choices because someone said so. The house that you build with such love will always be very precious. Decorate the home with some pieces from your childhood. Building a house might seem very tiring, but the outcome will make you the happiest person on the planet. Take wise and informed steps. Let your home turn into a paradise of happiness. Best wishes for this new journey.


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