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New construction homes: What to look out for

 Mar 20, 2021


Planning to buy a house? It is indeed tough to decide whether to buy a new or existing home. A lot of variables need to be considered, such as budget, location, size, style, and timing when buying a home.

If you are thinking of buying a new home, great choice as new homes come with all the modern conveniences and zero wear and tear. If the home is under construction, you get to be a part of the design and build process.

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When you are buying a new home, remember it involves a lot of financial investment. Of course, if your dream home is readily available on the market and fits harmoniously into your budget, buying a new home seems like a no-brainer.

However, there are a lot of common problems that most homebuyers are unaware of when buying new homes. In this article, we will take you through some of the points that you need to consider when buying a new home.

1.   The builder’s reputation

Start by researching your builder. Rather than ending up purchasing a low-quality home, it would be ideal to buy the house after understanding the builder. Here, it is really important to understand what others have to say about the builder.

When you research, you can find out a lot of things about your home-building company, such as the quality, the materials, and if there have been any incidents of fraud in the past. It is also important to find out if the builder has a reputation for completing the committed projects on time.

You could always approach your listing agent and ask questions, as part of your research. Understand the team involved in the construction process, such as the engineers, subcontractors, architects, and others. Once you have answers to these questions, you will be able to gauge the company’s construction process better.

Remember to request the builder or your listing agent for references from people who have brought homes from the company. If people are already living there, you could reach out to them and inquire about their experience. This will help you understand if you are making the right choice.

2.   New home vs. model home

If the property is under construction, chances are that you’ll be given a tour of a model home sooner or later. A model home is like an interactive and gorgeously outfitted showroom, featuring all the premium upgrades that you can expect in your new home. This demo intends to give you a complete experience of the design potential of your new home.

Model home’s design is always mesmerizing. But don’t get carried away because the configurations of a model home will not be reflected in base sales prices.

However, model homes present you with the option to decide what upgrades or premium elements you want to add to your home’s design, for value addition.

3.   Pricey upgrades

Like most home-building companies, your builder would offer a range of floor plans, varying in costs based on factors, such as layout, design, total square footage, and the number of rooms. The base prices do not include costs for upgrades.

The advertised prices include only the base prices, which would differ from the actual quote if you want upgrades. So, it is important to review all optional items with your builder before you close the deal. You can discuss with them about the features or upgrades that you would like to see in your home to reduce any extra costs.

If you have budget constraints, you can stick with the standard features. You can always upgrade at a later time. However, it is important to focus on upgrades, such as extra windows, plumbing, or higher ceiling height, in advance.

4.   Warranty

Once you have finalized buying a new home, you would be wondering what is covered in the warranty. Each builder offers varying coverage under the warranty. Regardless of whether your builder is involving a third party or not in the home-building process, it is important to understand what is covered by your warranty.

If you are not happy with the things covered in the warranty, you can always negotiate or advise your builder to add provisions to cover the things that the warranty doesn’t cover. Before you close the deal, go through all essential documents to avoid any confusion.

5.   Inspections are important

It is important to have your new home inspected by a licensed professional before purchasing the home. Newly constructed homes can also have structural issues. Your home builder might have had a third-party quality control team to handle the inspection. However, it does not replace a licensed inspector, who will check all finishes and report if any issues are found.

This verification is proof that the property is safe and abides by all standard home-building codes. If any issues are found, the inspector will report them in his report, with a remedy. You can take this up to your builder and have the issues fixed.

A lot of thought goes into the process when you decide to buy a new home. Buying a new home is always tricky. So, it is important to be diligent and thorough when you buy a new home.

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