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Essential Maintenance Tips for a Clutter-free Home

 Feb 27, 2021


Given the current crisis that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon the world, the majority of people prefer spending more time at their homes rather than outside. It is not until we start spending too much time at our home that we notice the clutter lying around. Many a time, only when somebody is visiting our home, we focus on making our home look presentable. Otherwise, the clutter lies around untouched.

Maybe when we happen to visit our friends’ or relatives’ homes, or when we see some clutter-free homes in magazines, we start thinking about why our home doesn’t look like that. To help you make your home look clutter-free, our team of home builders in Omaha has listed below some important tips:

Act before the clutter finds its way in

There are various types of clutter. Things like free gifts, the furniture rescued from the sidewalk, and others are clutter that we don’t realize sooner. It is better to make purchases based on impulses that you might regret later. Decluttering is tougher than you think. So, if you don’t collect too many unnecessary things, you can avoid cleaning up the clutter later.

All you have to do is stop yourself from saying yes to things that don’t add value to your lives ever. Acting early would help save a lot of effort later.

Excess clutter needs to be removed now

When we buy a new home and move in, slowly, we start buying new things. As we discussed earlier, some of them are purchases based on impulses and might not serve a purpose later. So, at some point in time, a lot of things take up space in our homes. That is when you realize you own way too much stuff.

Some people donate stuff to charity when moving out of a particular place. But you can do this even when you are not moving away. Donations to charities would help you remove the excess and unwanted clutter from your home.

There might be some clothes that you don’t wear or things you don’t use, but you keep them because you love them or think that you could use them later. Place a bag in your closet and collect all such items that you haven’t used in a while. After a couple of months, if you haven’t used any of these, it is time you removed them from your home.

Do you have a place for everything?

Having a specific place for all things in your home is important. Check for things that are lying in limbo on tables or countertops. If you find things without a place to hold them, you need to arrange more places. A filing cabinet or a console with lots of drawers could be the solution that you’re looking for.

If you’ve plenty of space behind your closet and cabinet doors, utilize them, outfitting them with numerous hooks and containers.

Also, what have you planned with all the digital debris lying around?

You can color-code all those extra cords, and keep labeled bags for each of your accessories. Wouldn’t that save space?

Are the beauty products organized?

Ladies might have accumulated some beauty products from time to time. Most beauty products, if not used within three to six months, from the time they’re opened, expire. But people still tend to keep such expired products.

Check your closet for such items. Remove all the expired products. Would you be using the unopened ones?

If not, throw them away or you can ask your friends or family if they might want the unopened beauty products. If no takers, then throw them away.

Is your floor cluttered?

Make this a rule: nothing stays on the floor. Sometimes, we tend to leave things, such as bags, books, and others, on the floor. You might be sitting on the floor and working on your laptop. When you finish your work, you might leave your laptop on the floor and go. Days later, you’ll still find your laptop sitting on the floor.

Like we discussed earlier, make sure you have a place to put everything. For example, toys, books, and others can be put on a rack. Bags can be hung on hooks.

If your floor is clutter-free, your home will look organized.

It is important to implement a method to manage all the clutter. Unless you spend some time organizing and sorting things, you would struggle to declutter your home. Decluttering might seem to be a daunting task. But when you have a proper strategy combined with some simple life hacks and tactics, everything will fall in place. Your home will become the most beautiful place on the earth.

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